Recently I received some feedback from users. The iptv they bought from AliExpress no longer work, the AliExpress store has been closed and cannot contact the seller. I am shocked and sad to hear that, but I must declare:

1. We don’t have any store on AliExpress, we only have two online websites. www.leadcol.net and www.evybuy.com.

2. Your seller may be a dishonest reseller or may be a liar. If it is a reseller, please note that we cannot Leaked resellers’ code(even if we are the original supplier).

We have over 3000 resellers, We can’t know them how and where they sell. but don’t worry, I believe that 95% of them are honest, because there are only a few people tell me cannot contact their seller.

here are some advice to these users.

1. If your code no longer works and cannot contact your seller, I suggest you contact the AliExpress for asking refund. If the AliExpress refuse to refund, contact your bank to issue a chargeback.

2. I suggest you buy code on a reliable website, even though the price may be a little more expensive than AliExpress, but you can get better after-sale warranty.

3. If the seller wants to get your email and whatsapp after you test or purchase, don’t hesitate to tell him. Because he may want to serve you better, to tell you the news of software updates and promotions. (You can also ask the seller his contact details)

If you can’t know a seller or a website is reliable, you also can buy from our website. Why more and more users like to buy on our website, because our website makes people feel at ease.

1. Our website has been started since 2015 and has been operating steadily for 7 years. You can see this from the earliest blog. Any user need support, we will respond positively.

2. We provide longer time after-sales guarantee, even after the dispute period, as long as your code is still valid, we will be responsible for you.

3. We provide a variety of contact methods, you never worry cannot contact us. on our website, you can clearly see our email, livechat, whatsapp, skype, facebook and other information (on weekends or holidays, more than 24 hours reply is normal, please be patient, don’t worry)

4. Many customers like to share our website to their family or friends.



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