Some Subtv Client can not conenct to server or Can not play any channel .We are so sorry for that

Because the server suffered a lot of hacking. Uninterrupted every day. Cause our main server is always overloaded.
Our technical team has configured firewalls and set very strict rules to filter traffic from all access servers.
Because the configuration of firewall rules requires constant matching of all device-side rules. Causes some clients to be rejected by the server.
At the first time, we tried to modify the rules of the firewall to add IP whitelist processing to the client.
As of the time of issue, we have made adjustments to the firewall rules. Allow access to devices that normally access the server.
If your device unable to connect to the server during viewing, all channels will not open. But it can be viewed normally on other ISP networks.
Please contact your distributor as soon as possible. Also provide an IPv4 address for your network. We will add whitelisting to your IP in the first place.

how to Get my ipv4 address? you can visit this link https://www.whatismyip.com/ .

we have Release the common Application for the Android system .it can be compatible all Andorid system inlcude phone,TVbox,TVsystem. you can direcly search the Lxtream Player on google Playstore .then use your code login
please open the Update function .any New update .google Playstore will update for you!

Thank you!


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