1) What is Visa/MasterCard verification service?

Visa/MasterCard verification service, also called 3D verification by some banks, is a security verification service jointly launched by banks and VISA or MasterCard to improve the security of credit card online payment, protect customers’ online payment security, and protect customer interests. After this service is activated, you can enjoy the Visa/MasterCard verification service when you pay online on overseas websites (the debit account is an overseas account). Through the verification of personal information, you can ensure that your shopping website is authentic and reliable. The re-verification of the transaction password will fully protect the safety of your online shopping.

The 3D verification service passes transaction password verification to fully prevent the risk of fraud in online transactions; through the re-inspection of personalized information, to ensure that the website the cardholder purchases is authentic and credible, as long as you shop in the online store that joins this service, you can Get a full range of safe payment protection, and enjoy shopping with peace of mind.

2) Security measures: 3D verification services include two services: transaction password verification and personalized information verification

1.Transaction password verification refers to verifying your identity through the transaction password you set during 3D verification registration, thereby providing security guarantee for your credit card use on the Internet. You must use the transaction password when you make online payments at any merchant website participating in the 3D verification service

2.Personalized information verification refers to verifying whether the merchant website where you shop is a safe and reliable website authorized by the bank through the personalized information set by you, and preventing you from entering credit card information on a fake website and causing credit card information leakage. After you successfully apply for the 3D verification service, you can view and modify it on the bank website.


3) VISA verification service (Verified by VISA)

The “Visa verification” service is an online service that verifies the identity of the cardholder during shopping to improve the security of online transactions. During the verification process, the “Verified by Visa” service software installed on the merchant’s website will launch the cardholder interface. The security design of this service not only enhances the confidence of cardholders and merchants in online transactions, but also reduces disputes and frauds caused by the use of Visa payment cards.

4)MasterCard Authentication Service (MasterCard SecureCode™)

MasterCard SecureCode is installed on the website and interacts between the cardholder and the issuing bank. When a customer is shopping online for settlement, a window will pop up, asking the customer to enter a special, personal code, which has been registered with the customer’s card issuing bank. The bank then authenticates the cardholder and provides proof of online shopping to the e-retailer.

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How can I confirm whether I have activated this service?

You can confirm by contacting your credit card issuing bank, or log in to your card issuing bank's official website and check on the official website.

Title HereI forgot my verification information, what should I do?

It is recommended to contact your card issuing bank for inquiries or log in to the personal page of the card issuing bank's online banking for inquiries.

Why does my Visa/MasterCard verification service fail?

The payment information or verification information is entered incorrectly. Please confirm that you have filled in completely correct payment information (cardholder name, mailing address, credit card number, credit card expiration date, etc.) and dynamic transaction password. If you need to provide verification information, please follow the prompts to enter the verification information reserved by the issuing bank when you activated the verification service.

I filled in the correct payment information and verification information, why it still failed?

After you fill in all the information, Visa or MasterCard will match the information. If your information is matched successfully, the verification result will be fed back to your card issuing bank, and we will be authorized to debit your credit card. If the matching time is too long, the verification will fail due to timeout. It is recommended that you use google chrome, and ensure the stability of the network, place an order again and verify the payment.

Why does the Visa/MasterCard verification fail, but my credit card shows that the ticket amount has been deducted?

After you submit the order, the website will apply to your card issuing bank to freeze the corresponding air ticket payment, but it is not actually deducted. If the verification fails, your order will be cancelled, and the frozen funds will be unfrozen within 5-7 working days. You can also check the receipts and expenditures of the airfare in the unissued bill.

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