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Over 36 Million Users! Downloader is an app created for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices. It is the easiest way to download files from the internet onto a streaming device. The app is especially helpful in sideloading apps,

Very Important Notice to QHDTV Resellers

For the security and stability of the server, the technical department has made major upgrades and some changes in the past two months. Please read carefully this article. 1, The qhdtv m3u and xtream are encrypted.Each code has its own

What App Work for QHDTV IPTV on Android ?

DOWNLOAD As we all know, qhdtv is famous in iptv. This led to some dishonest people making fake apps, which they used for profit for a long time. For example qhdtv pro APK, qhdtv Pro V2 APK. Please note that

Lxtream Player 1.2.2 version release

1: Changed the channel data download method 2: Fixed xtream multi-account display 3: fixed some bugs 4: Optimized player kernel, more stable

Lxtream Player 1.0.9 Veresoin release

Lxtream Player 1.0.9 Veresoin release 1.Compatible from andorid 4.4 to Android 10.0 2.Optimized player kernel 3.If the server does not have catch up. The Catch up button is no longer displayed. 4.Adjust default player Decorder software decorder .customer can change

Lxtream Player 1.1.2 Version Release support multi-account login

Thanks for all Lxtream Player user and Thanks for suggest for develope the Lxtream Player! we have add some New function on latest Veresion 1. Support multi-account login Multi-account List 2. Support m3u file / Playlist import 3. Support account

Factory Firmware for the H96max

we have got some Custome report .their box which bought on amazon or another supplier . he can not install the Lxtream from google Play store we have contact the H96max Facotry .and get the public Firmware for the box