Summer vacation is here. 

I think there must be a lot of friends who are already planning a trip each summer. Maybe your companion is  family, lover, maybe friends, bestie. Most people plan to travel abroad to enjoy the local scenery and food. 

I know many friends who like to travel with our iptv, watch Movies on the train, or watch wonderful football Event in the hotel at night.

How to Watch Your Favorite TV While Traveling?

1. Take your Tv Box

Now many set-top boxes are very small, weighing less than 0.5kg and less than 100mm in length and width. If you have enough space in your suitcase, you can put it in the suitcase, and when you arrive at the hotel at night, you can connect the set-top box to the hotel TV, and you can watch TV. 

The advantage of it is that you don’t need to re-download and install and log into your account, just connect the set-top box to the TV, network and power supply. The disadvantage is that in addition to the set-top box, you also need to bring a power adapter, remote control, etc. And when you choose a hotel, whether there is a TV also needs to be considered.

Recommend Mini TV Box X96 mini 5G: https://bit.ly/3v6c200

2. Take the TV Stick

Smaller than a set-top box, a set is less than 0.2KG and can be easily put into a pocket. There is no need for power Adapter and network cables, directly insert the TV stick to the HDMI interface of the TV (or monitor), and a very light and short wire is connected to the TV (or display) for power supply.

Like a set-top box, it has the disadvantage of requiring a TV or display to broadcast the channel. Its advantage is that it is too small and lighter than a mobile phone. It is easy to ignore its existence, and it is very convenient to carry around.

Recommend Leadcool 4K Android TV Stick: https://bit.ly/3cuf9bQ

3. Watch TV on a Pad

You can install the IPTV Player on your Pad and login your IPTV Code. Please note you need to logout the code from your previous device before using it on a new device. And tell your family don’t use it when you using teh code. Because Most of IPTV code can work on one device only.  Subtv support 3 devices at the same time, look here: https://bit.ly/3Ba7ny1

The benefit is that you don’t need a TV to watch channels, even if you’re on a train or bus. The disadvantage is that the display of the screen cannot allow you to integrate into it well, and you cannot enjoy the ultimate audio-visual feast.

4. Watch TV on a smart mobile.

Simpler than a pad, a smartphone is an item that everyone carries with you, and you don’t need to bring any extra machines, making it extremely easy for you to arrive.

If your mobile is Android system, you can install Lxream player or IPTV Smarters app.

If your mobile is IOS system, you can install “GSE smart iptv app”, or you can install any Player which support to login Xtream code API from APP store.  Contact the seller to get server url, username and password. 

In addition, special reminder everyone here

If you encounter your code not working during the travel, all channels will not be able to play. Just contact our customer service and provide your order number and code. We’ll reset the country and device for your code, and then you’ll be able to log in. 

Please note every time you change countries and devices (Of course, including when you return to a warm home from another country), please contact customer service to reset in time to avoid missing exciting content. Our staff will provide service within 24 hours. 

Finally, Hope our IPTV can add excitement to your trip. 

Leadcool wish you all a happy holiday.

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