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Free Perfect Player Android APK for QHDTV

if some customer want the apk with remote contorl change the channel by up/down button and want the new OSD menu you can download the perfect player apk from here http://www.leadcool.net/download/Perfect_player.apk after you install it on your android device go

IUDTV some channel only sound not Video solution

Becuase some box Decorder problem when you look the channel .it only have sound .not the video come please follow the step 1.click Ok button 3 second you will go the setting bar.click setting 2.go to play back 3.change the

waring reseller pannel on IUDTV

we have check the restreamer on all reseller pannel. and we have baned more than 200 account in all reseller panel. most restreamer have more than 2000cline reshare ,this cause our server presure too much .overload . we have changed

How to sync the Timezone on the Mag250 Box

How to sync the Timezone on the Mag250 Box you need go to System Setting-Servers->General The NTP Server input : pool.ntp.org then save your Mag250 box the Time zone will sync to your Network Timezone  

IUDTV APK Proble solved please download the new APK

HI we have solve the IUDTV APK please Download the APK here http://www.leadcool.net/download/IUDTV.apk http://www.leadcool.net/download/Player_Core.apk if you used the old ipsatpro apk You need uninstall the ipsat pro and the provide core apk Enjoy it Thanks!  

QHDTV DDOS Final solution

At present, QHDTV has been transferred to Cloudflare. Through cloudflaree we blocked most of the DDOS attack and made the data more secure. Through CLOUDFLARE CDN acceleration, We offer more smooth service. We are so regret about the service interruptions

QHDTV server was attacked in 2016-3-16

we are very sorry for notice you the server was attacked on 2016-3-16 . we are make the backup .and refuse the huge  attacked. until now .the server is back work .but some channel still under fix . do not

the QHDTV support Samsung /LG and sonny Smarttv

now the QHDTV support Samsung /LG and sonny Smarttv when you get the code from the seller. please go http://siptv.eu/mylist/ Add external playlist links (URLs), with auto-update and put your mac address .and the urls like http://qhdtv.siptv-list.com/siptv.m3u?code=yourcode . then click upload you will success

How to solve the leadtv can not run problem

we have got some customer report . said the Leadtv app can not run when click the icon Please follow next step.you will get it back ! All what to do is clear user cache for Leadtv application, restart the