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QHDTV Benlux channel list update

hi because the channel problem on the server .so we remove the problem channel from the Benelux pacakge . we will try our best and fix the cards problem .then add back the channel thanks!  

QHDTV problem on the Smarttv device can be fix in some hour

we are sorry for that one Problem occured on the domian DNS loop we ae working on it . it can be fix in some hour if you use the QHDTV on samsung tv .please wait some hours thanks!

French channel and beinsport is fixed on qhdtv

Last some days .we have porblem on one dataserver . cause french channe not stable . freezen and not work we have fix the data server problem now french and beinsport channel is work ok and we are making the

Stop Support KODI plugin

I am sorry for notice all customer and reseller because the Kodi is can be make restreaming ,cause the server too much Freezen . so we stop support the KODI plugin if you use the andorid box ,please download the

Warning for illegal use on our server

During the Africa soccer Cups . we monitor many illegal use , they restreaming it to the server and make our server too much problem Channel freezen and stop we will baned all problem code or account once system monitor

Try the auto send scriptions and get test directly online

we have make the new program on the evybuy.com .if you buy qhdtv iudtv leadtv on shop .our system will deliver the code within 1 mintues .and you will directly get the code without any waiting .so fast , try

QHDTV new Channel Bein Max 1 and Bein Max 2 special for Africa soccer cup

QHDTV new Channel Bein Max 1 and Bein Max 2 special for Africa soccer cup

WSTV server Problem

I am sorry for nice all WSTV customer the server have problem .we can not make it online in the expected time。 the server will be online at end of this month we will extrend 1 month free for all

IUDTV new ADD channel

IUDTV chanel list update here is the new add chanel . IT: Sky Fox Animation HD IT: Sky Fox Comedy HD IT: Sky Fox Crime HD IT: Sky Fox Life HD IT: Sky Fox HD IT: Milan Channel IT: Inter

how to use the reset button for the qhdtv reseller pannel

Notice for the reseller we have add new button on the reseller pannel is the reset button . if your customer tell you his code was stolen or his code have problem can not connect  since another connection already so