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Notice qhdtv APK already update to 1.7.0 version .all old qhdtv will stop on next month

we have release the new QHDTV apk version to 1.7.0 version In order to protect your rights and interests from unnecessary losses. Please update to download the latest version of APK the APK download link www.leadcool.net/download/qhdtv3.apk if you use the

SUBTV New version 2.0.9 please update to this version

we have update the VOD server . the old APK will  have problem on the series group we have release the new version 2.09.please update to this version APk download link http://www.leadcool.net/download/SUBTV.apk

QHDTV Reseller Pannel problem

we have problem on the QHDTV reseller pannel our enginner is working on it .so sorry for that all the client connection is ok .APK is working ok Please wait until we fix it thanks!

Notice Upgrade qhdtv to 1.7.0

the 1.6.0 version have some problem when login . we have release the 1.7.0 version ,please upgrade the APk to the 1.7.0 version when you run the app.it will notice upgrade . click confrim button .and download install the new

SUBTV 2.0.8 Version Release

1.In the case of vod source containing multilingual audio track, add the function to switch the track. 2.solve the issue of programming failed occasionally. 3.optimize the program list update speed, improve the user experience.

The QHDTV 1.6.0 Stable Version release

The QHDTV 1.6.0 Stable Version release 1. optimize the program list update speed, improve the user experience 2. solve the issue of programming failed occasionally 3.Encrypt data,more secure and reliable Please update your APk to this version [media url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AotS6jYKJDY&feature=youtu.be” width=”600″

QHDTV 1.5.0 VOD not paly BUGS fixed

the Last version 1.5.0 have the VOD not paly bugs If you use the test code try it .when test code expired .the databse not clear for the vod it cause the test VOD link doubal in the database. when

SUBTV 2.07 Version release

1.add search function, users can search to live TV, TV shows and movies more easier. 2. modify the epg display interface, more convenient to operate. 3. add lateral package switching function for the live list. 4. update kernel, improve image