What App Work for QHDTV IPTV on Android ?

DOWNLOAD As we all know, qhdtv is famous in iptv. This led to some dishonest people making fake apps, which they used for profit for a long time. For example qhdtv pro APK, qhdtv Pro V2 APK. Please note that

important update for lxtream

We have release the lxtream 1.3.9 version if you use the qhdtv code ,you should update to this new version ! with the new version . loading the channel list will be fast than before .all data will be encrypt

VOD Data revmoce from qhdtv test code

We are sorry for notice we have Remove the VOD data List from the QHDTV test Code.if You need the vod data please purcahse the official code. thanks!

VOD of Qhdtv on android device has been fixed

There is an important notice for qhdtv users who use android device. From Few days ago, VOD of QHDTV IPTV Don’t work on QHDTV 3 APK and LXTREAM Player. Engineers Upgraded the apk version to fix this problem.When you open

Qhdtv Smarttv Playlist avaible

QHDTV Smarttv Link avaible in Panel Due to Security ,we have update the Smartv Playlist . the Old link not work any more  For reseller: please go your reseller panel .change device to Smartv .and then click device .you will

QHDTV Xtream-code login update

Due to security reasion, we have update the xtreamcode login host and port. build the password for each code if you use xtream code login ,please contact your reseller get the login details Reseller can login the panl. find the

Look New QHDTV Panel URL Here

A very important news for qhdtv Resellers New Qhdtv panel url: https://reseller.qhdtv.tv/ The previous panel login URL is no longer available. Please use the Newest qhdtv URL to log in your panel . With your own username and password. Sorry

QHDTV Channels List Updated

QHDTV is up to 6200+ Live Channels, 12000+ movies and 2500+ Series. 1. Added Full HD channels, including Morocco FHD, BeinSport FHD,  France FHD, Lebanon FHD, Germany FHD, Spain FHD, Italy FHD 2. Added Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland etc Countries

11.11 & Black Friday Shopping Carnival

11.11 & Black Friday Shopping Carnival Activity time: 28th, Oct – 28, Nov, 2021 Activity one: to IPTV code Users Coupon code: 91512376a0 Get 5$ Coupon if you buy 1-9 pieces IPTV codes. During activity time, you can use the coupon

Visa/MasterCard verification service

How can I confirm whether I have activated this service? You can confirm by contacting your credit card issuing bank, or log in to your card issuing bank’s official website and check on the official website. Title HereI forgot my