QHDTV 1.5.0 VOD not paly BUGS fixed

the Last version 1.5.0 have the VOD not paly bugs If you use the test code try it .when test code expired .the databse not clear for the vod it cause the test VOD link doubal in the database. when

SUBTV 2.07 Version release

1.add search function, users can search to live TV, TV shows and movies more easier. 2. modify the epg display interface, more convenient to operate. 3. add lateral package switching function for the live list. 4. update kernel, improve image

New Arabic channel update on SUBTV

AR: BeIN DREAM WORKS AR: BeIN BE Junior AR: BeIN JEEM AR: BeIN Series AR: BEIN Drama Arabic AR: Bein Fox Movies AR: BeIN Movies family AR: BeIN Movies Drama AR: BeIN Movies Action AR: BeIN Movies premiere AR: Bein

New H 265 channel add on 2018-3-16 for the SUBTV

PLANETE+ CI H265 ACTION HH265 CINE+ POLAR H265 Voyage H265 13 EME RUE H265 BFM TV H265 NRJ 12 H265 TFX H265 SFR SPORT 5 H265 RTL9 H265 6Ter H265 TF1 Series & Films H265 [media url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W4bQrXLN9w&feature=youtu.be” width=”600″ height=”400″] Welcome

New H 265 Channel add on SUBTV

Syfy H265 USHUAIA TV H265 INFOSPORT+ H265 ARTE H265 France 5 H265 France 4 H265 SFR SPORT 3 H265 SFR SPORT 2 H265 BEIN SPORT AR 5 H265 OCS MAX H265 OCS GEANTS H265 OCS CITY H265 OCS CHOC H265

QHDTV 1.5.0 version Release

we have release the new QHDTV 1.5.0 version 1. add search function, users can search to live TV, TV shows and movies more easier; 2. update kernel, improve image quality, add the DTS decoder support 3. reduce the program list

The new Channel update on the SUBTV include the VOD films and series

The new Channel list update on the SUBTV add new Channel AR: Alkass 1 HD AR: Alkass 2 HD AR: Alkass 3 HD AR: Alkass 4 HD NL: Fox Sports 6 NL: Fox Sports 4 Djazz TV HD TR: KANAL

New Arabic Bouquet in Arabic Premium on QHDTV

New Arabic HD channel add in Arabic Premium pacakge Fox rewayat Stars Movies(arabic Subtitel) Stars World(arabic Subtitel) National Geo.(arabic Subtitel) Nat.geo.wild(arabic Subtitel) Animal Planet(arabic Subtitel) Discovery Science(arabic Subtitel) [media url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOZLiH53SQg&feature=youtu.be” width=”600″ height=”400″]