How to change the KODI language to Arabic

1.you need go to System Setting 2.find the Appearance ->skin change the Fonts to Arial Based 3.go to Appearance_>international change the language to Arabic you will sucess

IUDTV APK can not loading channel list problem fixed

we have fix the IUDTV apk can not loading channel list problem the play core system have problem .can not connect the server . Now everything is fine you can reboot the box and reopen the iudtv .enjoy it!

IUDTV APP connect server prolem

we are sorry for notice you the IUDTV app is problem connect the server can not loading the channel list we are working on it .and fix it problem during 24 H thanks!

IUDTV server problem fixed

Dear all customer the server problem was fixed. we are so sorry for that. we will try our best .

IUDTV server network problem on 2jun 2016

dear all customer we are sorry for notice you . the server have network problem . we are working on it. and try to cover all channel in few hour. during this time. some channnel will not play. do not

QHDTV VOD is available on Mag25X

Dear all value customer we have add the VOD function on the Mag25x portal after loading the portal .go to videoclub .you will enjoy the vod